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About Us -Women Empowerment



We are a nonprofit organization. Our Mission is to empower every female to embrace self-love and to unite all women, young to mature, through the power of self defense.  Strong minds and strong bodies are essential to the women empowerment movement

 Athena's Armor is all about bringing Women together. Mindy hosted the first  Girls in Gis Event in Missouri at Blue Springs Jiu Jitsu. We had an hour of self-defense followed by an hour of sport Jiu Jitsu. This is Athena's Impact

Athena's Armor is sponsoring the North Kansas City High School Girls Wrestling Team.


We are excited to enhance many programs. Team Athena will bring together school age girl wrestlers from all areas. No matter what school you represent, you are Team girl which in turn is Team Athena. Pictured is a Girls High School Wrestling Team after debuting at their first wrestling tourney. 


Embrace Women in Self-Love

7 Steps to Self-Love

1. Spend time getting to know yourself

2. Do good for others

3. Build a solid support system 

4.  Help other Women

5. Have routines 

6. Forgive yourself

7. Find a Life Coach